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Your business thrives on repeat visits and RewardMore is engineered to bring your clients back sooner. These next few steps will take about 10 minutes and will get your rewards program up and running.

Upon completion of setup, have staff and all persons view the tutorials for how to run the program and how to get the most repeat visits.

Once the program is running, be sure to give us feedback on how it is working for you and any feature requests you have. We rely on your feedback to steer the development of RewardMore to serve your business better and better with each update.

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Initial Fees

Program Start Date - April 22, 2019
Billing Period - Monthly

First month subscription fee - $99 $99
Program setup fee - $299 $299

Renewal Fees

First Payment Date - April 22, 2019

First month subscription fee - $99 $99
Monthly program subscription fee1 $99

1Monthly subscription fee subject to change - see terms & conditions.

Notice: You must agree to the fee schedule to continue.

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This Subscription Agreement is entered into between the party listed as business name above ("business") and RewardMore, LLC ("RewardMore"). RewardMore allows business within its network to offer rewards to customers using the RewardMore Application platform (the "RewardMore Platform"). The RewardMore Platform is further described at (the "Market Site"). The business wishes to join the RewardMore Platform and gain access to the services offered by RewardMore through the RewardMore Platform, and RewardMore wishes to make the RewardMore Platform available to business.


This Subscription Agreement confirms that business authorizes the RewardMore service and monthly subscription to begin 04/22/2019. This Subscription Agreement will automatically renew for successive 1-month periods (each, a "Billing Period") unless business sends written notice of cancellation to at least three (3) business days before the beginning of the next Billing Period. RewardMore reserves the right to terminate this Agreement with or without cause upon written notice to the business.

This Agreement consists of this Subscription Agreement, Terms & Conditions (viewable at, and Privacy Policy (viewable at, (collectively with the Subscription Agreement, this "Agreement"). Subject to business's compliance with the terms of this Agreement, business shall be included in the RewardMore Platform and shall have access to the RewardMore Platform.

I have read, understand and accept the RewardMore - Subscription Agreement, Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy available at I am authorized to sign and enter into this binding legal contract for the business, agent, or organization purchasing the subscription.

If I am an agent or organization purchasing on behalf of a client, I agree to be responsible for this order and guarantee the obligations set forth in this agreement.

By clicking “Next” below, I agree that RewardMore is authorized to charge me for all fees during the subscription term.

Notice: You must agree to the terms and conditions to continue.

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Current Charge $398
First payment date - April 22, 2019
Subscription amount - $991

Notice: You must agree to the payment schedule to continue.

1Monthly subscription fee subject to change - see terms & conditions

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